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Vogt Design was founded in 2014 with the intent to create innovative and captivating spaces while respecting functionality and form.

Our approach is first and foremost to understand the client’s needs and wants and from there offer guidance through the design process

We always clarify and justify our choices and direction through discussion, giving a clear and comprehensive sense of how we will merge the concept into a cohesive and customized environment.

Vogt Design specializes in residential projects; however, our scope of work also includes commercial and office space. We offer a range of services from full design to selecting the perfect colour in a room.

We look forward to hearing about your new and exciting project.

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Leonhard Vogt

Interior Designer / Owner

Liam Le Campbell

Design Team Member


Over the last 20 years I have had the pleasure of working with Leonhard Vogt. Without question, Leonhard and his team have become our lead interior designers with our projects ranging from high-end custom homes to multi-unit residential projects. Leonhard is a consummate professional and has a wonderful manner about him that always puts our clients at ease and inspires confidence. No matter the client’s style or design preference, Leonhard is always able to recognize and appreciate the client’s design direction and is then able to carefully guide them to a successful and fully cohesive outcome. There is no design genre that Leonhard is not familiar or comfortable with and never does Leonhard impose his own preferences.

Leonhard is masterful at helping client’s take control of the design process such that their desired outcomes and preferences are achieved. A large part of the magic of working with Leonhard is that client’s feel empowered without any pressure, while Leonhard subtly influences the design in order to achieve a sense of flow and cohesiveness. There are few designers in our experience that enjoy the confidence across all design styles that Leonhard does with a cool and calm approach. It goes without saying that we looking forward to working with Leonhard over the years to come.

Robert Haslett

Haslett Construction

Leonhard Vogt shows and provides exceptional talent, unwavering commitment, flexibility and unparalleled creativity in an industry that often demands adaptability. He has consistently proven himself as a true industry leader over the several years we've have had of working closely with him, and it has been an absolute joy and privilege.

One of the most remarkable qualities that sets Leonhard apart is his remarkable ease with which to work with. He possesses a rare combination of professionalism, approachability, and a genuine passion for his craft. From the very first interaction, it becomes apparent that Leonhard's friendly demeanor and open communication style make collaborating with him a pleasure. His ability to actively listen, understand our vision, and translate it into magnificent designs is truly remarkable.

Vogt Designs consistent excellence never ceases to amaze us. Whether it's a small project or a large-scale endeavor, Leonhard & team consistently delivers outstanding results. Their attention to detail, creative vision, and dedication to perfection have been evident in every single project they have worked on. Their ability to bring ideas to life, surpassing expectations every time.

They have an uncanny ability to seamlessly navigate through evolving project requirements, adjusting their approach while maintaining the highest standards of quality and creativity. Whether it's accommodating last-minute changes, tight deadlines, or working with diverse teams, their flexibility has always been a valuable asset as is their ability to effortlessly transition between different design styles, while always infusing a creative flair, is a testament to the team's adaptability and breadth of expertise.

Karlene Bergeron

Sales & Marketing Manager - Tamarack Homes

We have enjoyed and benefitted from a successful working relationship with Vogt Design Inc. for the last 10 years in Ottawa’s new home marketplace. Leonhard has been involved with the design, procurement, coordination, and execution of 16 model homes which have included 3 integrated sales centres and one mobile sales centre. In our experience, he has provided us with timeless design recommendations that are ahead of current design trends allowing our model homes to stay fresh and current for a long period of time.

The interiors developed by Vogt Design have introduced new approaches and innovative uses of materials, finishes and furnishings to best demonstrate the vision of how the spaces can be creatively used and how families would live in the homes. The best indication of the success of the interior design and furnishing of a model home is the comment that “I could just move into this home the way it is; I would not change a thing”, which is something we have heard numerous times over the last 10 years.

Leonhard’s full resolution of the interior design of our model homes allows prospective purchasers to visualize and imagine themselves in the home, which in turn motivates their decision to purchase a home from our company. They have assisted our company in the development of a new, distinctive approach to the homeowner design selection process and has assisted over 800 new home buyers with the Interior design and finishes of their new home. The individual customization of each purchaser’s new home is the key to providing a unique interior design experience for our homeowners.

Leonhard and team has been able to demonstrate drastically different design expressions and languages, while working with the modern, open concept architecture of the various models. The ability to demonstrate the range of languages that the new home marketplace demands has been accommodated without compromise


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 chic couple is spreading a distinct cool factor in Old Ottawa & South with their stylish home just off Main Street.

Designer Leonhard Vogt has created a dramatic interior throughout the one-and-a-half-storey house that beautifully balances colour and oversized artwork within a relatively small space.

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2016 GOHBA Housing Design Awards

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